Pay your tuition fees with Flywire

Why use Flywire?
Why use Flywire?

International payments made easy


  • is convenient, fast, simple and cost-effective
  • offers local and reputable payment options for international students
  • is mobile-friendly and secure
  • lets you track your payments online in real time
  • protects international students from inflated exchange rates by securing wholesale/mid-market rates from its partners 
  • discloses costs up front

How to use Flywire?

  1. Access the payment portal and choose your school
  2. Enter your home country and payment amount
  3. Review the payment options and select your preferred method
  4. Enter your personal details and payment information
  5. Receive your payment instructions
  6. Send payment via preferred method
  7. Track and confirm
SRH Berlin Payment Portal

Tutorial How to make a payment with Flywire?