Innovation Project Innovation Strategies for Unesco World Heritage Railway Tunnel

Innovation Project

The task:

Search for innovative scenarios for the Albula Tunnel in the Swiss Grisons, which will be closed in the future and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2008.

Innovation Journey:

The students researched in different environments, met locals, visited the Albula railway museum and conducted interviews in hostals and hotels.

Using various synthesis methods and tools, students cluster the collected information and develop two experience scenarios.

Scenario 1:

Team 1 is developing a multifunctional cycle path within the tunnel, using elements of gamification and storytelling based on local culture. They create an experience for families and cyclists as a contrast to the traditional activities in the mountains.

Scenario 2:

Team 2 creates an immersive experience in harmony with nature. An interactive walk through the tunnel allows a deep immersion into the mountain world and wants to help people to reconnect with the elements of nature and their inner self.