ENGHACO project Energize Ghana with Cocoa Husk

How the sustainable use of cocoa husk can make a significant contribution to rural development in Ghana

What is the project about?

Cocoa pod husks - which are usually left to rot - can be converted in a sustainable way by pyrolysis. During this process, the cocoa pods release combustible gases and thermal energy and biochar is produced.

Advantages pyrolysis process

The heat preserves fruit and vegetables + The combustible gases can be converted into electricity + The biochar enhances soil quality. It sequesters carbon, is highly absorbent and increases the soil's ability to retain water, nutrients and agricultural chemicals, preventing water contamination and soil erosion.

advantages of the project population & economy

complements existing value chains + makes cocoa farmers and the rural population less dependent on strongly fluctuating cocoa market prices + training of qualified personnel & creation of jobs