Martin de Crignis - Bachelor's thesis Semiotics of a gay culture

Semiotics of a Gay Culture is a fashionable portrait of the gay community in 2019 and an academic work claiming to examine the nonverbal vestimentary communication of the same.

The connection of sociological questions, fashion theory and the historical position of the gay community as a marginal social group are central ideas.

20 men in self-selected outfits were photographed at 20 different locations in Berlin.

Based on the photographs created, the garments were analysed and interpreted as communicative signs in terms of a social function.

The photographs were presented in an elaborately designed photo book, while ...

... the scientific work received its own book in the same format.

Contact: | @martindecrignis |

Supervision: Prof. Sebastian Denz, Prof. Dr. Dörte Schultze-Seehof