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Our Internationalisation Strategy

Our goal is a diverse and inclusive international higher education and research environment that provides equal opportunities for all students, researchers and employees. With a diverse intercultural community that welcomes students from nearly 100 different nations, the schools of the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences offer a truly global perspective.

We maintain a close network with over 90 partner universities from Eastern Europe to North America and encourage our students to go abroad to study, attend summer schools or do internships.

Our university staff come from over 20 nations. Many have studied or worked abroad or simply have an interest in international cooperation. 

SRH Global Cooperation Institute

The Global Cooperation Institute is the hub of all international activities at the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. 

The 4 Units of the Global Cooperation Institute:

  • Foreign experts: International Office
  • Language experts: Language and Diversity Centre
  • Network: Partner Universities
  • Visa experts: Residence Permit Service

Here we coordinate our projects with cooperation partners from all over the world, work on the expansion of our international partner network and fill our internationalisation strategy with life.

Kirsten Matthes, Head of Global Cooperation Institute

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