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MegaCoolTeam: The Magazine Project for Children With Rare Metabolic Diseases

Students of the SRH Berlin programme Visual and Interactive Media designed this magazine for children with rare fatty acid oxidation disorders as a kick-off project of a cooperation with the Charité Berlin and the Fett SOS e.V. association.

Project team

Visual and Interactive Media students

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Prof. Ricarda Wallhäuser

Professor for visual communication and graphic design

Berlin School of Popular Arts

Playful Learning: Info magazine for Children With Rare Metabolic Diseases

Fatty acid oxidation disorders occur in only a few children. Those who are affected must follow a special diet. 

So-called MCT fats, which are highly soluble due to their shorter fatty acid chain length and can therefore be metabolized without bile acids, play a special role here. MCT fats bypass the lymphatic system and the bloodstream carries them directly to the liver.

Hence the title: MCT forms a MegaCoolTeam!

Students at the Berlin School of Popular Arts designed the educational magazine for elementary school children in collaboration with the Charité University Hospital in Berlin and the Fett SOS e.V. association. 

Playful and interactive, the magazine helps turn children into experts on their metabolic peculiarities.

Design concept, layout, and illustrations:

Julia Baumgartner, Chantal Burau, Aline Hille, Laura Klein, Blanka Laila Mikluš, Noreen Modler, Clara Moeseritz, Philomena Müller, Daphne Quast, Tamara Reichle, Alina Schönfuß, Hannah Unteregelsbacher, Wei-Ya Yeung, Maria Znamerovskaya.


Alexandra Jung, Dr. Sophie Kurstjens, Anke Medek, Immanuel Medek, Julia Neugebauer, Sarah Roschke, Janette Schreiber, Maren Thiel

...with the support of: Aline, Fritz, Martha, and Max


Devaney Baron, Julia Neugebauer

Project management:

Fett-SOS e. V., Dr. Sophie Kurstjens, Sarah Roschke, Prof. Lars Roth, Prof. Ricarda Wallhäuser, Dr. Natalie Weinhold

Year of publication: 2021

The magazine was officially presented in July 2021 and is available in German and English.

At the official handover. From left to right: Sarah Roschke, Dr. Sophie Kurstjens, Alexandra Jung, Alina Schönfuß, Prof. Ricarda Wallhäuser, Chantal Burau, Maren from the self-help association Fett-SOS e.V. with her daughter Aline, Hannah Unteregelsbacher, Noreen Modler, Wei-Ya Yeung, Blanka Laila Mikluš, Dr. Natalie Weinhold, Julia Neugebauer

Visual Arts Small preview into the magazine