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#wenndannjetzt | Social campaign for caregivers and healthcare workers

Students of the M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation develop campaign for caregivers that draws attention to the poor working conditions and the general situation in nursing and healthcare.

Aim, progress and participants

The campaign #wenndannjetzt (#ifnotnowwhen) was launched together with students of the M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation, the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft kommunaler Frauenbüros und Gleichstellungsstellen (Federal Working Group of Municipal Women's Offices and Equality Bodies) and the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth).

The aim of the social campaign is to raise awareness of the situation in care and the working conditions of care workers in German hospitals and medical institutions.

In addition to online and offline campaigns, the project includes social spots for cinema and social networks. The campaign, which will be broadcast and published nationwide in the election year 2021, thus aims to create buzz and facilitates the creation of new policies in nursing and healthcare.

Long hours, staff shortages and poor pay are issues that have been known in the care sector for years and these issues were intensified by the Corona pandemic. The respect and appreciation of care work, which is predominantly done by women, is the focus of the demand of care workers, along with general social recognition, fair pay and better working conditions.

The campaign consists of three sub-campaigns with their own visual language and message. All campaigns include posters, postcards, hashtags and commercials that build on each other. The SRH students were responsible for the design of the respective sub-campaigns:

  • #pflegerebellion (#carerebellion) | Design: SRH students Lena Feichtinger and Linda Sophie Nißlbeck
  • #keineware (#nocommodity) | Design: SRH students Macarena Román Lozano and Julia Hamberger
  • #lebensrelevant (#relevantforlife) | Design: SRH students Elena Pirondini, Marina Anken and Clara Roth

The first sub-campaign #pflegerebellion started in May, followed by #keineware in August and #systemrelevant?lebensrelevant! in October. In addition, the "Day of Care Work" took place on 12 May in several German cities, where a public sleep-in was held to draw attention to the precarious situation in care. The social commercials, which the students will also design, will follow in December.

Project team

M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation students

Prof. Gilbert Beronneau

Study programme director Social Design and Sustainable Innovation

Berlin School of Design & Communication