Current information | Summer Semester 2022

++ Further information regarding Corona regulations ++

Dear students,

We're closing in on spring and the new semester, therefore we wish to share some important information on the start of the semester with you. Our goal is to return to face-to-face teaching.

Face-to-face teaching
Most courses will take place in-person for the summer semester of 2022. Details of which courses will be held online and which will take place in person can be found in the semester schedule. We are very much looking forward to face-to-face teaching, because our didactic CORE principle thrives on personal interaction.

Hybrid as an exception
Hybrid teaching will only be offered in the first weeks, and only if the students cannot travel in a timely manner due to visa delays or travel restrictions.

Language courses
As a result of the group mix, all language courses will take place online. Only in Dresden, in consultation with the language instructors, in-person teaching can take place if a 2/3 majority of students agree, since there is less of a group mix here.

Hygiene guidelines
Currently FFP2 masks still need to be worn on campus. With changing legislation, we will alter our hygiene regulations and inform you in a timely fashion.

We would like to wish you all the success, a wonderful semester break and look forward to seeing you in person again in April.

Kindest regards,

Your University management