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B.A. Creative Industries Management students curate an exhibition with German and international artists.

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Exhibition Dates: 11 - 14 August 2022

Vernissage + DJ: Thursday, 11 August, 6 pm - 12 am

After work drinks: Friday, 12 August, 5 - 10 pm, opening hours 12 - 10 pm

Curator/Artist talks: Saturday, 13 August, talks 1.30 -  5 pm, opening hours 12 - 10 pm

Finissage: Sunday, 14 August, 3 - 6 pm, opening hours 12 - 6 pm


KIB Raum für Kunst
Eichenstr. 4, 12435 Berlin (next to Arena Berlin)

Participating artists:

The KIB Raum für Kunst is pleased to present the group exhibition ‘Fluidity’ featuring seven Berlin-based artists working in a wide range of mediums, from the abstract paintings of Mazen Khaddaj, to photography by Markus Rock and video by Charis, to name a few.

The exhibition is curated by a group of seven students in the Creative Industries Management programme at the Berlin School of Popular Arts (SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences), and overseen by the Berlin-based curator, Suzy Royal. Every student in the course has been assigned an artist and has worked closely with them to prepare for the exhibition.

Each of the seven participating artists explore the concept of fluidity and its multiple interpretations - from gender or sexual fluidity to those who work directly with water or fluids or fluid art forms.

Water is essential for the creation of Ulf Saupe’s photographs: “water is being photographed and water is used as a developer to turn the image blue”. Ulf Saupe
Ulf’s photographic cyanotypes present a diverse complexity of water shapes, due to an elaborate chemical process building conceptual patterns around fluids. Through this technique, the contrasts are deeply intensified, the multiple tones of blue opposed to the brightness of the light areas.

The multi-disciplinary artist Charis maintains a broad and fluid vision of the concept of fluidity. Their artwork and the mediums they use are fluid, ranging from jewellery, clothing, audio, graphics, sculpture and video. Charis is constantly searching for new ways to express the concept of fluidity. Charis imagines a new future outside of the binary, a future in which one can distance themselves from the material and cultural norms.

Ana Bathe blends sculpture, performance, and photography to create magical and supernatural settings. The fusion of various mediums, flowing together in one seamless Gesamtkunstwerk, enables her to bring viewers closer to her imaginary worlds which she describes as her own portals. Bathe’s fluid characters which appear in her works are often genderless; sometimes human, sometimes fairy, bird, or alien.

The exhibition Fluidity brings together a diverse group of artists, working in different mediums and with varying themes - our intention is to shed light on the topics explored by the artists, to open up a dialogue - between students, artists, and viewers, expanding our idea of the word fluidity.

Participating students:

  • Pauline Akindinova
  • Sofia Cervantes Ponce
  • Sibel Mekek Gencoguz
  • Ana Rodrigues
  • Emma Roudine
  • Clarice Jouvin
  • Mathis Euvrard